Do you want to learn an easy technique for losing weight?  Start your day with a balanced meal of carbohydrates and lean protein.  Include a small piece of chocolate to satiate your taste buds.  Tremendous improvement in your weight loss campaign can be seen with the inclusion of these foods.

The new research that suggested these steps were disclosed at the Endocrine Society annual meeting.  The research reported that overweight or obese women following a “big breakfast diet” lost five times the weight as compared to women eating a restrictive low-carbohydrate diet.

“The lack of carbohydrates cause craving, and keeping the body away from them can cause a feeling of hunger.  Treating obese people by depriving them of carbohydrates does not solve the problem” – echoes leading author, Dr Daniela Jakubowicz. Daniela works as an endocrinologist at the Hospital de Clinicas Caracas in Venezuela along with being a clinical professor on the subject.

The body is food-prime in the mornings.  With the metabolic levels up and cortisol and adrenaline at their peak, the brain requires food to be energetic.  Trust the brain to look elsewhere when it is deprived of the food it requires.  The brain does this by pulling energy from muscle which causes unwanted occurrences of muscle loss. Reserve energy taken in while the body and the brain are at high alert is stored, as fat.

A human body normally craves the least in the morning as this is the time when serotonin, a brain chemical is at its peak.  Jakubowicz believes that this time should be made best use of as the craving for high-calorie food increases with time passing by in the day.  Jakubowicz believes that eating these foods pushes up the serotonin levels and enforces an addictive cycle for good foods.

Reduction in calories does cause hunger and the addiction cycle to kick in and should be avoided.  Designing the “big breakfast diet” was one step taken by Jakubowicz and her colleagues to combat this symptom.  The “big breakfast diet” includes 3 ounces of lean meat, a couple of cheese slices, one fat serving, milk and one ounce of candy (preferably chocolate).  Consuming this breakfast could count for half of a day’s calorie intake! Indeed it does.

The high protein, carbohydrate mix is responsible for energizing the body with its initial boost.  Jakubowicz feels that as proteins are digested slowly, individuals may not feel hungry at all.  Needless to say, the meals for the day are made of protein and carbohydrates.

94 obese and sedentary women were included in a research.  47 of them were prescribed a 1,240 calorie big breakfast diet whereas the other 47 were consumed a high protein, low-carbohydrate diet counting 1,085 calories for 8 months.

Findings at the end of the 8 months could leave many people in disbelief!  The 1,240 big breakfast diet women lost 40 pounds whereas the other set of women lost only 9 pounds.  A 21.3 percent body mass loss for the women on big breakfast diet!  Indeed, the big breakfast diet scores over high protein, low carbohydrate diet for sure.

Individuals who ate the big breakfast diet for 8 months found that they did not feel hungry as often.

Nutritionist Geri Brewster prefers recommending a well-balanced breakfast to her clients.  Geri believes that a well-balanced breakfast helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels.  Geri is a wellness consultant with Northern Westchester Hospital Center in Mount Kisco.

Geri feels that insulin levels could see a major spike if individuals eat cereals or doughnut, typically filled with sugars.  This spike of insulin levels along with an increase in blood sugar levels could prove to be quite unhealthy for most individuals if experiences persist.

As always, before beginning any new nutrition or fitness program you should consult your physician.