Medical analysts have proven that being overweight is a major cause of many ailments.  Scientific proof has been given indicating how being overweight affects critical body controls.  Overweight has been on the rise in the United States for the last forty years.  As of now, more than 40% of the population is considered overweight with approximately 45% of the children going overweight.

A doctor would identify a person being overweight simply by checking his fat content.  If the fat content in the person’s body is more, he is considered overweight.  Being overweight comes with its own set of risks to health.  These problems are as follows

  •  Overweight causes Diabetes – It is a known fact that Overweight is due to excessive fat content in the body.  This fat content disrupts the mechanism of insulin generation.  This factor causes the person to suffer from Diabetes.  Diabetes is known to lead into other fatal ailments. 
    Overweight causes Heart Diseases – The excessive fat content in the body ensures irregularities in the blood circulation mechanism.  This results in the person suffering from fatal heart ailments.


  • Overweight can cause Cancer – Top physicians have traced down the occurrence of cancer in some males and females to them being overweight.  Being overweight can cause Uterus or Cervical cancer whereas in males, it can cause Prostrate or colon cancer.


  • Overweight causes Osteoarthritis – Being overweight means excessive fat content.  The increased fat content places unnecessary pressure on the knee joints resulting in damage to the cartilage.  This causes the person to suffer from Osteoarthritis.  This could also lead to person getting a handicap for the rest of his life.


  • Overweight causes Gallbladder issues. – Medical analysts are exploring the possibility of Overweight causing issues to the Gall bladder though it has been proven that being overweight can cause urinary infections.  Some cases having gallbladder stones have been identified as being overweight.


Doctors have identified the mentioned diseases resulting from being overweight.  A recent article in a leading daily mentions that an average U.S. adult could go overweight by the age of 40.  Resource (3) has the latest statistics on Overweight.

NIDDK is a leading medical research organization and is actively pursuing “Weight Loss” program amongst people.  Doctors vouch for the fact that loss of weight can take care of 60% of the problem.  The real issue is – How to lose weight?

The answer is simple.  Regularize the diet, stop binge eating, exercise regularly and go for intermediate medical checkups.  This should be the simple four-step order for people from stopping them being overweight. 

Being overweight is dangerous with all the risks associated with it.  A physician would always advise a person to be on normal weight at all times.  Doctors know the risks associated with a person being overweight.  Doctors prefer having no patients at all rather than treating an overweight case.  As has been proved in the past, it is very difficult to administer the right treatment course for an overweight patient.