Did you know that losing weight as soon as you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes helps you in controlling your blood pressure levels?  Reduction in blood sugar is the additional incentive for the plan.

Gregory A. Nichols substantiates the claim by saying “Losing weight after the diagnosis of Diabetes will give you some benefits in the long run.  Apart from controlling blood pressure, you could also control the glycemic levels beyond the weight benchmark of the body”.  Gregory Nichols’ research has been published in The Research Online on August 12th.

Dr. Spyros Mezitis, working with Lenox Hill Hospital as an endocrinologist attests the importance of weight loss soon after the diagnosis of Diabetes.  He points out to data that indicates 10.7 kilograms lost in weight in 18 months.  Spyros felt that this improvement was tremendous despite the fact 36 months did show weight regained by the body.

20 Million Americans or more are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  A good percentage of this 20 Million are reported to be either overweight or obese.

Studies have certified the importance of weight loss to maintaining blood sugar and blood pressure.  Blood sugar and Blood pressure are critical metrics to keeping cholesterol levels under check.  Avoid long term illnesses like heart disease, blindness and kidney issues by controlling blood pressure and blood sugar levels.  Simply put, lose weight after diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes just so that the sugar and pressure levels could be reduced.

A team at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland, Oregon headed by Nichols, an investigator studied the electronic medical records of 1997-2002.  Data for 2,574 patients, aged between 21 and 75 were studied.  For all practical purposes, these patients had been diagnosed pretty recently prior to the data being reported.

The study of the data was superseded by grouping them in different weight groups.  309 individuals landed in the category of “Weight Loss” meaning these people had reported loss of 25 pounds in weight or more.  It was also found that all the loss of weight was nullified in the next 36 months when the individuals gained weight.  The remaining 88% of the 2,574 people surveyed landed in “high blood sugar” or “no weight loss” categories.

Losing weight allows patients to cover some distance in meeting blood pressure and blood sugar targets.  This process though takes four years, the time by which they regain the weight lost.

Gregory points a fault in the study earmarking that the benefits could have possibly ceased to exist, had the survey been done for 15 years.

Lose weight and benefit by controlling blood pressure and blood sugar – this is Nichols’ mantra for people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Dr Spyros standardizes the information of weight loss given to patients diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  Spyros believes that informing the patients on how losing weight could reduce their chances of getting cardiovascular diseases or coronary attack, is indeed helpful.