Everyone has heard about the old adage about the ‘power of positive thinking’.  However, staying positive in your own mind and about you can be easier said than done.  Most people are their own worst critics, speaking about their friends and colleagues with glowing praise, but failing to recognize their own good qualities and accomplishments. 

There are some who believe that our thoughts can control or affect our physical being.  In fact, it has been speculated that bad thoughts can manifest as disease in the body.  While that has yet to be proven there is increasing evidence that positive thinking and imagery can heal the body.  

Everyone has heard stories about people who willed themselves to walk again after a terrible accident.  Many professional golfers are known to use visualization to “see” the course and their game, so on the day of the tournament their body feels as if it “knows” that course.

Harnessing the power of the mind can help anyone to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.  It’s quite simple—You can see yourself as strong, lean, powerful and happy or whatever you want.  It is all achievable and all up to you.